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Avangard is a progressive manufacturer of high-quality commercial, banking and payment equipment.

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Vending machines

The company Avangard offers the most popular options for vending machines, taking into account the basic needs of the population.

Multimedia and information terminals

Our digital media solutions are characterized by high-quality components, excellent workmanship and adaptable design. There are many hardware options for all devices in this range.

Financial terminals

Payment terminals and transactions for public places. Vanguard devices are universal payment terminals for products and services for any business line. We offer many financial terminal solutions for optimal integration into your business.

Customized solutions

All our solutions for vending machines are designed to replenish the simplest and most time-efficient methods. Whether it is automated doors that open quickly by scanning a QR code or the flexibility of our patented processing systems, our solutions are analyzed for both the consumer and the consumer and the supplier.

Avangard Services

  • Perforation and
    laser technology

    The most advanced Trumatic systems provide very flexible production for punching, cutting and shaping with fully automated sheet feeding. Our laser processing systems combine precision machine technology with laser technology.

  • The plant provides a full range of metalworking services.

    Laser cutting on CNC machines Sheet bending of metal Processing of sheet metal on coordinate punching machines with CNC Welding (shock-capacitor welding services) Electroplating Powder coating

  • Design

    Design of vending machines, and financial terminals of any kind, as well as their modernization. , Calculation of structures, loads, simulation of the mechanism. Equipment development, 3D modeling, Project visualization.


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