A good solution is to organize an area of automated food court (Vending Foodcourt).

This is an extremely simple and effective way to organize meals in the office. All you need are AVANGARD vending machines, which sell or simply produce ready-made lunches, and a manufacturer that will bring and load the required number of lunches into the vending machine.

On the touch monitor, the employee can get acquainted with the product, read all the necessary information and choose what tastes best! In standby mode, the machine demonstrates advertising or informational video. AVANGARD Atomic SW software allows you to fully control sales: generate statistics, remotely control the balance of goods, temperature, expiration dates, reserve and issue reserved goods. It is also possible to connect to third-party IT systems.

If the number of employees is large, it becomes a question of expanding / increasing the food court area. It’s easy with the modularity of AVANGARD vending machines !! After all, several vending machines can be connected to one advertising and payment module. Additional dispensing modules can be connected later when the need arises. And for those who are accustomed to hot lunches, there is also a solution – a stand with microwaves. You can reheat the newly purchased lunch on the spot!

The organization of an automated food court area in the office shows that the company cares about the health and comfort of employees. In addition, lunches in the office relieve managers of rather difficult problems of workflow regulation. Judge for yourself if people go to nearby cafes or restaurants every day, where they usually do not serve very quickly, how much useful working time they lose. On the other hand, a hungry employee in the evening does not differ in good performance.

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