Avangard offers a full range of products and services

Starting from simple, stand-alone payment or trading terminals to fully integrated, non-cash payment solutions. The highest demands on quality, specialized service personnel and a personalized client are what Avangard is proud of. We work so we would be recommended
Avangard consultants will provide you with detailed information about our products by phone or on the website. Your individual requirements will always be considered. After your order is received, we will begin to develop the machine according to your exact specifications, including the installation of any payment systems, and the customer’s wishes.
We consider ourselves as your vending partner. That is why we offer you an extensive additional range of products. These include storage cabinets and sales counters, as well as technical and software solutions that will help you in the use and maintenance of our machines and systems.
Service Vanguard, does not stop after delivery. Who can know your vending or financial machine better than the specialists who designed and built it? That is why our customers, without any reason, believe in our collective team of sales specialists.
Your reliable partner in the technology and maintenance of spiral or elevator machines, our extensive experience and technical knowledge will help you throughout the life of the vending machine. Original parts manufactured by Vanguard are designed for durability and reliability in use.
Vanguard provides a full range of metalworking services, which includes: – Laser cutting on CNC machines – Sheet bending metal -Sheet metal processing on CNC punching machines – Welding work (shock condenser welding services) – Electroplating – Powder coating – Design support of projects – Guillotine metal cutting