Smart Restaurants

Smart Restaurants – automated 24/7 points of sale of restaurant dishes with the possibility of issuing previously made/paid orders. Automated cafe - growing trend for the coming years. Prices and manufacturer's warranty. Customization. Free training and software updates. Smart cafe vending machines are equipped with a touch screen for your additional sales: displaying advertisements, promotional videos Smart cafe AVANGARD gives a larger average check than coffee shops, so the payback will be faster and more earnings. For what? - Optimization of network expansion costs - Issuing orders from the online store (application to the delivery service) - Reduction of queues and workloads on staff when ordering take-out - Increase profit through sales 24/7 AVANGARD specialists will develop an individual layout of a Smart cafe/restaurant on a turnkey basis: from software development to production of the structure itself. Available a wide variety of Smart cafe/restaurant combinations, including coffee, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, retail units and more.

  • Specifications

  • Maximum number of sections *

    96 servings, 24 SCU

  • 3 types of delivery

    pushers, conveyors, spirals

  • Power supply

    220 - 230 V, 50 Hz

  • Maximum consumption **, W


  • Terms of use

    Temperature = -10 ... +30 ⁰С, relative humidity < 80%

  • Touch display **

    Capacitive 19-inch touch display

  • EVA-mount NFC card reader**

    All types of payments

  • Options

    WiFi Router/4G kit, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, printer/or fiscal register, MDB module, cooling system

  • Advantages

    * For machines with a height of 2060 mm

  • ** With built-in selection and payment module

  • *** The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the construction, design and assembly of products. The final characteristics are specified in the specification.

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