has the shape of a semicircle and a large transparent door for maximum visibility of the product. Programmable LED lighting and mirrors perfectly present the product, making it more attractive in the eyes of buyers. The CRYSTAL device is ideal for selling: flowers, gift sets, cosmetics, cakes, jewelry, gadgets, etc. The CRYSTAL FRESH version is equipped with a refrigeration unit with support and control of the set temperature in each cell. The bright touch screen allows you to provide comprehensive information about the product, as well as allows you to display rich media ads. The CRYSTAL machine works in Master mode, ie the control computer, the payment module is built into the device. Own software opens unlimited opportunities for your business! You can easily and simply set up a multimedia menu, create a convenient for you, a form of reporting, and sales monitoring. You can also remotely deliver the goods, quickly change the price. Sales are monitored in real-time via a Telegram bot from a mobile phone or computer.

  • Specifications:

  • Number of sections


  • Touch display

    Capacitive 19-inch touchscreen

  • EVA-mount NFC card reader

    Ability to install a banking terminal with NFC reader

  • Dimentions (H x W x D), mm

    2420 X 1700 X 900

  • Weight, kg


  • Power supply

    220 – 230 V, 50 Hz

  • Maximum power consumption, W


  • Temperature within section

    CRYSTAL not defined, CRYSTAL FRESH +10 … +14 ⁰С

  • Operating conditions CRYSTAL

    Temperature = -10… +30 ⁰C, relative humidity <80%

  • Operating conditions CRYSTAL FRESH

    Temperature = 0… +28 ⁰C, relative humidity <60%

  • Options

    WiFi Router / 4G kit, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, printer or fiscal module, MDB module


  • ** The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the construction, design and complete set of machines. The final characteristics are specified in the specification.

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