AXON is a universal compact vending machine that allows you to sell goods in different packaging and different sizes at the same time. It is completed with various systems of delivery, tubular or spiral, depending on a kind and quantity of the goods. The body of the machine is made of steel sheet, and the two-point door locking mechanism reliably protects the machine from penetration. Another significant advantage of the Axon device is that it works in Master mode, ie it can perform not only sales, but also the function of a payment module for other AVANGARD vending machines. Up to 32 other machines can be connected to it. This allows you to make an entire store with one payment module! Elegant and stylish due to the combination of stainless steel elements and a matte black body, the AXON device attracts the attention of potential buyers. The bright touch display best informs about the product, and the basket function allows you to make a multi-sale, which makes it possible to buy several products in one transaction. Given the experience gained from our partners, operators of these devices in Ukraine, with proper planning, ie when installing the device at the point of passage of a large number of people, investment returns quickly (2-4 months - depending on the specifics of the product and location).

  • Specifications:

  • Dispensing mechanisms

    Spirals, pushers

  • Maximum number of dispensers*

    6 / 10

  • Maximum number of products


  • Touch display

    Capacitive 10 or 19-inch touchscreen

  • EVA-mount NFC card reader

    Ability to install a banking terminal with NFC reader

  • Dimentions (H x W x D), mm

    1000 х 600 х 250 (350 with bill acceptor and/or fiscal module)

  • Weight, kg


  • Power supply

    220 – 230 V, 50 Hz

  • Maximum power consumption, W


  • Operating conditions

    Temperature = -10… +30 ⁰C, relative humidity <80%

  • Options

    WiFi Router / 4G kit, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, printer or fiscal module, MDB module

  • * tubes / spirals

  • ** The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the construction, design and complete set of machines. The final characteristics are specified in the specification.

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