There is no limit to improvement for the AVANGARD design team! Only professionals can see the imperfection in their own creation and strive for change. Yes, we present a new version of the sanitizer! Laconic lines and non-trivial shapes make the new sanitizer a real work of art in the field of industrial design. The sanitizer is equipped with an infrared sensor for contactless use. Simply raise your hand to spray the antiseptic. It is possible to adjust the doses of antiseptic depending on the need: 0.8 ml and 1.6 ml. Tank capacity is 1000 ml. The stainless steel element is easily removed for quick and easy cleaning of the pallet. The sanitizer is installed on AXON series vending machines. It is also possible to connect to QUBE and LINK series vending machines, but provided that the TOUCH M selection and payment module is used. Due to the compact size and the ability to work with both the power supply and batteries, the new model of the sanitizer can be used as a standalone device in any place where it is needed: at reception, at checkouts, at the entrances of the buildings.

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