Deposit safe EKS-06

Automated Electronic Safe System
A comprehensive solution from the Avangard company is designed to optimize the cash processing process and is a hardware-software complex consisting of equipment and control software.
Potential users of deposit safes:
• Banking and other financial institutions
• Large retail chains
• gas stations, service stations, car dealerships
• Small business for registration fees
• Online stores for receiving revenue from couriers

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The implementation of this solution allows
• reduce time costs for cash collection: cash transfer and generation of necessary reports is carried out automatically
• reduce the time of crediting funds to a bank account: using the Electronic Cashier software ensures that funds are credited online
• reduce the financial costs of cash collection by employees of the collection company or bank: the corresponding software is installed and management software allows you to plan the number of cash collection
• increase the security of cash storage: the equipment is equipped with an anti-vandal case and a safety deposit box of class I protection, the cashier does not have a key to the safe, the safe is connected to security
• reduce the risk of accepting illiquid bills: JCM bill acceptors provide verification of banknotes for all basic security features with an accuracy of 98% and higher

Certified safe of the i-th class of protection in the amount of 2 pcs. Steel 12 mm
Door openers yes
Computer System unit yes
GSM / GPRS modem yes
USB & Ethernet port yes
Wear-resistant powder coating, steel 3 mm
HxWxD, mm: 1130x550x500
Weight 280 kg
Low power consumption Class A
UPS 15 minutes of battery life yes
touch monitor “10
a printer yes
check printer for printing checks yes
Fingerprint scanner yes
Web camera yes
Banknote receiver JCM TBV-100FSH in the amount of 2 pcs:the capacity of each original JCM cartridge up to 2200 notes
packet reception – up to 50 notes simultaneously processing speed – about 1.7 sec. the acceptance rate of bills is 98% and above yes



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