– for AVANGARD it is sustainable development and progress, improvement of production processes, design, IT technologies. We are members of EVA, follow the main trends of the market and professional sphere, analyze the world experience to create a completely new vision of vending and modern devices. We do not patent our developments because we protect them by constant updating and improvement.


– the expectations and wishes of our partners are the basis for the development and production of smart and specialized for personal business vending equipment. We offer optimal solutions that are best suited to the needs of the business. Individualization sometimes leads to the creation of completely new, innovative, and sometimes even revolutionary solutions in the field of mechanics and in the field of information technology (software).


We are expanding the concept of service. AVANGARD is not limited to production on time. We provide a comprehensive approach to customer needs and offer services for the installation of vending machines, their service and support 24/7. We also train the staff of our partners and provide advice on business organization in the field of vending.