New product – new business possibilities

We offer a new product, as for our production – an automated point of delivery and acceptance of goods. AVANGARD designers have developed 2 types of modules with different size cells for the product. You can combine any modules in any sequence to create one station. The machine is usually painted in the corporate colors of the customer.

The development and production of this machine is dictated by the needs of today. The modern world of services is aimed at maximum convenience for the user: round-the-clock work, no queues, resolving issues as quickly as possible, territorial proximity. Only automation can cope with such high requirements.
Automated post office – a station for receiving and sending small items (orders of online stores and distance selling companies, packages of documents and shipments of corporate clients, as well as parcels).

The automated station is a terminal with many cells of different sizes.
Interestingly, the first automated post office appeared in 2001 as a result of cooperation between the Austrian automation company KEBA and the courier service DHL in Germany. Successful experiences have spread to other countries in Europe and the world.

Delivery automation has a number of advantages:
• speed of receipt
• no queues
• a large number of points to receive
• no need to wait for the courier
• possibility of receipt in 24/7 format
• the ability to pay for orders on the spot
• convenient information system via SMS

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