Media capabilities of modern vending machines

It is known that video tells more about product than a photo or description. 73% of buyers are more likely to make purchase after watching video about the product. And 96% of buyers say that the video helped them to make the final purchase decision. It is important to us that your product is noticed and bought. So, we present a new feature of AVANGARD Vending Machine Application SW software! The system allows you to download videos as multimedia content in addition to still images. Videos and images of an advertising or informational nature are displayed on the selection monitor when the machine is in standby mode and disappear when the selection menu is activated by touching the screen. The owner of the machine can download several videos and set the order of their appearance.

Here are some tips to show in the video:

1. A brief demonstration of the product

It can be a ten-second video without sound, which simply shows how the product looks from different angles and inside (exactly what is not visible when the product is in the machine). You can focus on the details.

2. Extended product presentation

A video for a few minutes, in which you show in detail about the product: what and how it is made, in what packaging it comes, how you came up with the idea to make or sell this product, who will need it and why you need to buy it now.

3. Instructions for use

This is especially necessary if the method of application of your product is not obvious. Let’s say it’s a new gadget or cosmetic.

4. Advertising video

Atmospheric video, which may not focus so much on the product itself as it conveys the emotions associated with it.

5. Video about the manufacturing process

Buyers are always interested in looking at production. Don’t be afraid to reveal secrets. If you are unique and professional, no one will be able to steal your ideas and fame, and trust in the brand will increase.

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