Questions about business organisation

Modern vending equipment is:

– access data and monitor real-time information from anywhere in the world
– vandal proof solutions
– 24/7 operation
– low operating costs
– rational use of space
– convenience and service

What are the arguments in favor of the decision to buy vending machines AVANGARD:

– own production of a full cycle;
– the ability to purchase a vending machine or other vending machine in the optimal version for specific conditions and tasks;
– professional service, which includes services for diagnostics and repair of equipment, staff training and consulting;
– high qualification of the staff;
– flexible prices for vending machines

How to choose the right vendor of vending machines?

– Reliability and Experience:
Trust companies that have been in business for a long time.
– Competence:
Always pay attention to how the company’s staff communicates with you, how competent they are in technical matters.
– Official supplier status:
An official dealer or supplier must have the appropriate certificates from the vending machine manufacturer.
– Demo samples of automatic machines:
The presence of a demo room with a large number of samples of vending machines in the company’s office testifies to its solidity and thorough approach to customer service.
– Warranty and service:
Before buying vending machines, carefully study the terms of the warranty. Pay attention to the order and terms of performance of obligations on warranty service of automatic machines.

Before you decide to buy vending machines or invest in a network of vending machines, you need to make calculations of payback and expected profit. If the business plan is working and the activity pays off, you can start looking for a place to install vending machines. The amount of profit depends on the number of devices, as well as on your ingenuity in choosing the product you are going to sell. If you do everything right, then with minimal investment in 6 months you will reach a stable income.
The vending business is attractive because the first money can be earned on the first day of installing the machine. Here you do not have to wait until a permanent clientele is formed. Your profit does not depend on the mood and schedule of the seller – the process is fully automated. The machine works 24/7 without days off, your task is only to choose the place of its installation and to organize process of loading of the goods. As a rule, stable earnings begin six to seven months after launch, when the machine pays off.
Most companies and private entrepreneurs use vending solutions to sell snacks and beverages, but recently their popularity is growing rapidly and with the help of vending machines sell personal protective equipment, lunches, tobacco products, construction tools and consumables, car parts, stationery and miscellaneous souvenir products.
The network of 20 to 100 units of automatic vending machines can be serviced by one person. But here it is necessary to take into account the specifics of certain types of machines, some require daily maintenance, and here one person simply can not physically cope. With so many vending machines, the service process must be worked out to perfection, routes are drawn up, computerized accounting of work and maintenance of equipment is introduced. When determining the number of staff to service the network, it is necessary to take into account not only the number of vending machines, but also the size of the city and road congestion.