Buying a vending machine from a manufacturer or a dealer?

Let’s start with the advantages:

Buying through a dealer is beneficial if you want a specific machine of a specific manufacturer, but it is located, for example, in another country…

In this case, buying from a dealer can be convenient in terms of logistics. Dealers can provide delivery, installation and service of the machines, which can save you time and effort.

Among the disadvantages of buying from dealers:

  1. Price mark-up: Dealers add their own mark-up to the manufacturer’s price and this is, of course, normal. But the total cost increases
  2. Lack of customization: Usually, dealers offer only standard models of machines without the possibility of customization. If you have specific requirements for the design, functionality or components of the machine, you may encounter limitations
  3. Limited Warranties: Warranty terms offered by the dealer may differ from those provided by the manufacturers

By the way, AVANGARD partners in Europe have no problems with customization, even more, all projects in Europe are developed as individually as possible by AVANGARD production facilities. In the same way, the dealers of the AVANGARD company give a long-term guarantee for their products.

Learn more about how to become a partner of AVANGARD, call us or write an email. We have very attractive conditions!

Below are some advantages of buying from the manufacturer:

Price: the cost of vending machines from the manufacturer does not have a dealer markup and, accordingly, will be cheaper

More choice: manufacturers usually offer a wide range of models and options, for any needs and business strategies

Customization: When you buy from the manufacturer, you can order specific settings or features that meet your unique needs. This may include adaptation of design, functionality, etc

Warranty: manufacturers provide direct guarantees for their products. This gives greater confidence in the quality and reliability of the purchased equipment

All of the above applies to the company AVANGARD. Therefore, if you are still choosing vending equipment or a supplier – contact us, we’ll make your choice easier

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