AVANGARD becomes a member of EVA

AVANGARD – a Ukrainian manufacturer of vending machines, as well as banking and payment equipment for the current year launched 7 new products in the line of vending equipment, taking a leading position in Ukraine, the company intends to expand the market and enter other European markets.

“Getting a membership in EVA (European Vending Association) for such a manufacturer as AVANGARD – is a great opportunity to be in the same information field with European market players, gain new knowledge and share their own experience in the vending industry. EVA membership gives us access to research reports in the field of vending and coffee services. Our expectations from EVA membership are to expand cooperation and establish partnerships with European equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as Hungarian service operators. “

Erwin Wetzel, CEO of EVA, warmly welcomes the Company as a new member of the EVA Association, commenting: “I am pleased that AVANGARD has joined the pan-European family of the vending industry. EVA membership will provide AVANGARD with a deeper knowledge of the various markets on the continent, allowing it to invest more purposefully in business, and the company will have the opportunity to meet key market players at EVEX events, EVA webinars and our meetings. Clarification of current EU technical legislation for manufacturers will also help the Company comply with all necessary requirements, including the latest ones that have recently entered into force. I hope for fruitful cooperation. “

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